Seed Sale: Walden Genetics Spring Varietals Are Here

April 15, 2021
Andrea Larson

If you’ve ever tried Walden Cannabis flower, you’ve tasted our full-terms. But behind the scenes, we’ve been working for years on developing unique autoflowering varietals that are still high quality, but less expensive to produce, making medicine more affordable for those who desperately need it. The future demands sustainable farming practices that support farmers both large and small. We call this project, Walden Genetics.

Spring has arrived and that means Walden Genetics has a whole lineup of autoflowering seed varietals for sale. Many of you are familiar with Walden Cannabis and have come to know and love our roster of cannabis products that can be found around Washington state. Walden continues to produce poison-free, sunshine bathed, full-term flower from our farm in Brewster, Washington. We’re proud to be a pesticide-free farm that focuses on sustainable, eco-friendly practices. We are also Clean Green Certified and carbon negative — which means our team of producers and processors are held to the highest standards when it comes to organic practices in the cannabis space. 

What you might not know is that our team of geneticists made quite the name for themselves in 2020 with our line of autoflowering genetics that include varietals such as Mandarin Cream Cheese, Typhoon and Tamarind (a team favorite). Marijuana Venture recently published an article on the autoflower revolution and our team was highlighted as an innovative player in the autoflower arena. Post-prohibition market conditions have given rise to large-scale, outdoor grow operations that are simply more sustainable and in the end better for consumer pocket books. 

There are still some autoflower skeptics out there and Walden Genetics is here to change their minds. For years autoflowers have been stigmatized as an inferior product to photoperiod companions due to their lower THC yields, structural issues such as foxtailing and general, shall we say, lackluster appearance. While these traits have been the norm in years past, breeders like the ones at Walden Genetics are selecting for more desirable autoflower traits and their hard work is proving fruitful. Our team believes that autoflowers have the potential to revolutionize the industry as a whole and keep more businesses afloat in oversaturated markets. 

Additionally, autoflowers are more cost effective to produce resulting in those savings being passed down to the patient or recreational consumer. The truth is that prohibition forced cannabis plants indoors and until recently that’s where they’ve stayed — hidden from and deprived of their natural habitats. This shuttering away of most autoflowering varietals has meant that we’ve fallen behind when it comes to breeding and selecting for varietals that flourish in natural outdoor environments. Walden Genetics is changing that. 

Autoflower Pros – 

  • Ability to produce 2-3 outdoor crops annually
  • No need for hoop houses or light-dep tarps
  • Shorter germination to harvest windows
  • Beat competitors to the market with a mid-summer crop
  • Reduced labor
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Lower labor costs and greater vigor when growing from seed

If you’re a licensed producer-processor in Washington state and are interested in learning more about what autoflowering varietals can do for your business we invite you to contact our geneticists Cindy Gonzales or Josh Gonzales to talk about our April seed sale.

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