Product Improvement: Induction Seals

May 19, 2020
Kelsey Taylor

Anyone who has taken a harsh hit of too-dry weed understands the importance of good moisture content. During the time of Covid-19, we also know that many of you are stocking up and making fewer trips to the store. Previously, we used pressure seals on our jars to prevent air exchange, but in order to keep larger sizes fresher for longer, we have recently upgraded to induction seals.

This is Hermès, the seal. He’s excited that our new hermetically sealed jars lock in moisture and keep flower super fresh!

Okay, but really, what are induction seals and why should I care?

If you have ever purchased a jar of peanut butter, you have likely encountered an induction seal. Induction seals use heat to adhere to the glass, are completely airtight, and prevent the passage of gasses and moisture through the lid.

Walden Reserve jars with their new induction seals

If you refrain from cracking the seal and store your jars properly, these lids can keep your product as fresh as the day you bought it for up to 18 months (though we have yet to meet the stoner who can leave a fresh ounce uncracked for that long!)

Maximizing Freshness

So now that we’ve bragged about our fancy new lids, we need to talk about how you as a consumer can prolong the shelf life of your weed. Eliminating air exchange is only one part of the equation when it comes to keeping your cannabis flowers fresh. Most cannabis companies package flowers in clear jars because they give consumers a good view of what they are purchasing.

Wow! Look at those frosty trichomes! Such a beautiful display.

Clear packaging, however, is not ideal for long term storage. If you won’t be consuming your cannabis right away, we recommend storing your jars in a dark, cool place away from heat and light.

Happy toking!

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