Crafting the Ideal Cannabis Experience: Harnessing Science for Flavor and Consistency

July 5, 2023
Gene Hainey

Cannabis consumption is an art and a science. And as our understanding of cannabis deepens, we’re learning more about how the physical characteristics of a joint, such as particle size, influence the experience. This fascinating area of research holds the key to crafting a more enjoyable cannabis journey. 

Recently, Markus Roggen and his team at Delic Labs investigated the relationship between the size of cannabis particles in a joint and the concentration of active compounds delivered with each puff. The researchers used a smoke cycle simulator machine to examine joints made with different particle sizes and found that smaller particles delivered the highest concentration of cannabinoids. However, the experience doesn’t end with potency. 

Our company has long understood that a great cannabis experience is more than just the concentration of THC or CBD. It’s about the flavor, the smoothness of the smoke, and the overall sensory journey. That’s why we focus on designing joints with smaller particle sizes, delivering a more flavorful and consistent experience. 

By engineering our joints to release the majority of terpenes at the beginning of the smoking session, we ensure our users are greeted with the richest flavors right from the first puff. But flavor is just the beginning. With our carefully calibrated particle sizes, we’ve minimized the harshness typically associated with the end of the joint, where the highest concentration of cannabinoids is found. This way, we deliver a smoother, more enjoyable experience from start to finish. 

Moreover, our preference for smaller joint sizes gives users greater control over their experience. Whether you’re looking for a quick solo session or something to share in a social setting, our joints are designed to provide the perfect balance between duration and intensity. 

While the cannabis industry evolves, with pre-rolled cannabis joints representing a growing sector, our mission remains the same: to harness the latest scientific understanding and translate it into tangible benefits for our customers. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we’re paving the way for a new standard in the cannabis experience. 

Explore our range of meticulously designed, flavor-first joints today. Discover the harmonious balance of potency, flavor, and smoothness that is the hallmark of our brand. Experience the full potential of cannabis, tailored to your needs, and taste the difference for yourself.

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