Clean Green Re-Certification

February 2, 2024
Gene Hainey

Walden Cannabis Achieves Clean Green Re-Certification

In a significant development for both the cannabis industry and eco-conscious consumers, Walden Cannabis, has recently been awarded the prestigious Clean Green certification, again! This continuum not only marks another new, green chapter in Walden’s journey towards environmental stewardship but also sets a high bar for sustainable practices in the cannabis industry.

Understanding the Clean Green Certification

As consumers become increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases, certifications like Clean Green play a pivotal role in guiding them towards more sustainable choices. Clean Green Certified is a renowned label in the cannabis industry, often likened to the organic certification found in traditional agriculture. However, due to federal regulations, cannabis cannot be certified organic in the United States. This is where Clean Green steps in, filling a crucial gap by offering a standard for environmentally responsible and sustainable cannabis cultivation.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Walden Cannabis has long been committed to sustainable and responsible farming practices. Nestled in the lush landscapes of the Okanogan Valley, our cultivation practices have always prioritized the health of the soil, the well-being of the plants, and the safety of our consumers. By implementing organic farming techniques, reducing water usage, and minimizing our carbon footprint, we here at Walden Cannabis continue to consistently demonstrate dedication to environmental stewardship.  Even building bat boxes and kestrel nesting for our flying friends!

Implications for Consumers and the Industry

For consumers, Walden Cannabis’s Clean Green certification continues the guarantee of high-quality, sustainably grown cannabis. It assures them that the products they are purchasing are not only safe and pure but also produced with the utmost respect for the environment.

For the industry, Walden Cannabis’s achievement sets a benchmark in sustainable cultivation. It sends a clear message about the viability of environmentally responsible practices in commercial cannabis cultivation and challenges other companies to follow suit.

Looking Ahead

Walden Cannabis’s Clean Green certification is a commitment to a sustainable future. As any industry continues to grow, the importance of environmentally responsible practices becomes increasingly paramount. We look forward to integrating new packaging, like recyclable flower bags and biodegradable joint tubes, in the near future!

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