2020 Harvest: Good News!

October 27, 2020
Kelsey Taylor

Well fam, here we are at the end of the harvest – and what a year it has been!

Last year, early widespread cold snaps wreaked havoc on the state’s supply of cannabis flowers, decimating crops and turning them to mush.

We were luckier than most. While the photo is dramatic, much of our crop had already been harvested and the plants in the field bounced back quite well.

That 2019 harvest taught us some hard lessons. We had dialed in our grow methods and had great yields, but that meant we had way too much product for our own facility to handle. The farms that we partnered with to dry our product had inadequate ventilation and everyone in the valley was scrambling to harvest entire fields in a weekend. We lost some beautiful colas to mold, which had to be sent to distillation.

When you expand as quickly as we have, these are natural growing pains. This year we were determined to take our destiny into our own hands. So this spring, we built a brand new building to handle the harvest. And this fall we finally got to fill it up.

An almost empty building, prepared to house and dry thousands of pounds of cannabis
Laura, our harvest guru, directing the team

To feel the flurry and energy of a fall harvest, check out the video below!

We were lucky with the weather this year too. While smoke from the fires prevented a lot of light from reaching the plants during flower, we had an unseasonably warm and sunny October. This allowed us to push out our harvest, and let the plants catch up and fully ripen. When the weather started to turn, our team worked tirelessly to harvest everything at the opportune time. On our final day of harvest the snow reached us; we overflowed into our greenhouses to accommodate the last of it.

We want to thank everyone for their support this year and express immense gratitude for our employees, retail partners, and consumers. You all kept us going through plague and wildfire, and we are delighted that the weather held out so well. We predict that with the weather being as good as it was, the entire state is going to appreciate the quality and quantity of this year’s outdoor harvest! And in a year like 2020, isn’t it nice to hear some good news for a change?

One final picture for the road – boxes and boxes in our warehouse of curing product!

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